Library of Distilled Spirits: Proof that Heaven is a place on Earth

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Apr 25, 2018

Any alcohol purists, bar geeks or spirit aficionados out there will want to check out the latest bar opening by photographer-turned-cocktail legend Kyle Tran: Library of Distilled Spirits in New York. As Beverage Director of both Bowery Road and Library of Distilled Spirits, Tran has amassed an impressive 1,000+ spirits to his inimitable collection.

How to navigate all these bottles? In collaboration with his business partner, Dushan Zaric, Tran created the Library’s encyclopaedia; a multi-volume creation that divides the bottles by spirits. Each new chapter starts with a history of the spirit, its role in cocktail culture through the ages and a selection of signature cocktails and beloved classics that are made with it, along with detailed recipes. Intimidated? You needn’t be, there are friendly and knowledgeable bartenders aplenty to help you find your favourites and discover a few new gems along the way. If you don’t fancy delving into the many pages of their bar bible, then you can simply describe what you like and the staff will be more than happy to recommend a cocktail from their list or whip up something new, just for you.

The bar itself has a feeling of semi-serious glamour and old-world elegance. The floor-to-ceiling liquor library is the bar’s focal point with stylish bar stools perfectly placed for curious punters wanting to watch the mixology masters at work. The rest of the space is scattered with intimate tables and vintage captain’s chairs which offer the perfect space for a relaxed business lunch during the day or a lively cocktail session in the evening.



Ron Rosselli heads up the kitchen and infuses his Italian background into an accomplished multicultural bar menu that’s sure to please. There’s a focus on seasonal food and tasty dishes with a global flare. The drinks are the star of the show at the Library so food portions are small, as they’re intended to be enjoyed as nibbles rather than a full-on meal.

So it seems that Belinda Carlisle was right when she said that ‘Heaven is a place on Earth’ – even if the bar hadn’t been built at that point…

Photo by @libraryofdistilledspirits on Instagram


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