Liverpool’s Ghetto Golf sure has a lot of balls

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Apr 11, 2018

What are your essentials for a night out? Cocktails to die for and bomb music are a must, of course, and a street food stand selling all your BBQ dreams made real is always a bonus. Then there’s the crazy golf… wait, what? Yep, crazy golf meets urban cool at Liverpool’s Ghetto Golf. And you’re not going to want to miss this.

Set in the old Cains Brewery in Liverpool’s Baltic Triangle, Ghetto Golf is the wacky brainchild of business duo Kip Piper and Danny Bolger. The result of this unconventional mashup is a visual smorgasbord bedecked with golf clubs and wrapped in fairy lights. We’re talking neon graffiti; including, but certainly not limited to, a giant Minion spray-painted onto an old beer silo and an ode to vintage video games. Have your camera at the ready because this is a sure-fire way to rack up those Insta likes.

Start your night off with a ‘FORE!’ and book in for a round of crazy golf that really lives up to its name! You’ll find 18 uniquely designed holes featuring a psychedelic caravan, your granny’s kitchen, a dilapidated boat and, as if those weren’t bizarre enough, a toilet. You’ll even have to navigate beer kegs and wine casks. Not to mention test your snooker skills! Get the beers flowing and see how your shots hold up. Think you can get a hole in one?



If after all that excitement you’ve worked up an appetite, Ghetto Golf has you covered. Head over to Apocalypse Cow and grab some of their mouth-watering BBQ street food. It’s not just beef and pork, smoked fish and tofu are also available. With food as colourful as the décor, their menu is full to bursting with delicacies to suit any taste.

Of course, we’ve gotta have cocktails! So, pop outside to Birdies. Snuggle up under their cosy overhead heaters with one of their many inventive cocktails and take in the live music. What’s not to love, right?!


After opening to rave reviews, Ghetto Golf has some driving ambition. They’re taking their range off to Birmingham and spreading this crazy golf craze far and wide!

Photo by @ghettogolf on Instagram


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