All Star Lanes



Pronounced something like ‘Ho’burn’, Holborn is an in-between borough – not quite west end, but not quite city, either. While some may see this area of London as transient rather than a destination, step off the beaten path slightly and you can find historic little pubs, a diverse range of restaurants offering all sorts of cuisine and a growing number of bars.

Bars in Holborn

With the transients and the tourists (no doubt stopping by on their way to or from the British Museum), there is also a good mix of lawyers – thanks to the Lincoln’s Inn courts of law – and young wealthy professionals to add to the nightlife in Holborn. But don’t let all that put you off; Holborn bars are definitely worth a visit.

In historic Holborn, there is All Star Lanes bar and bowling alley. We wish we could tell you it was styled in the Ye Olde England way, but no such luck. Instead, it has a fab retro 50s feel. Why not give it a try? For those that truly do love an old-world pub, try Ye Olde Cock Tavern, where you can also grab a decent bite to eat. Wander down one of the meandering alleyways and find the unexpectedly brilliant Bar Polski with their amazing vodka selection. Holborn is full of surprises.



Photo from All Star Lanes