Rum Kitchen


Notting Hill

Diverse, vibrant, fun: Notting Hill is one of London's most iconic areas. When you think of Notting Hill, you immediately think ‘Carnival’, but there's plenty going on all year round. You really can't go wrong here; from solid neighbourhood pubs to Caribbean-themed cafes and high-toned modern cocktail bars, Notting Hill bars offer a fantastic entertainment scene.

Brilliant bars in Notting Hill

If you’re looking for some sophisticated mixology, there’s The Lonsdale. Formerly the haunt of maestro Dick Bradsell, it remains a great place to explore the latest in the art of the modern cocktail. Notting Hill’s Caribbean heritage may have faded under the glare of gentrification, but it still peeks through here and there. For example, the Rum Kitchen aims to provide a beachfront feel with colourful decor, rum-based concoctions and reggae music. For an even livelier experience, pay a visit to the Notting Hill Arts Club, a basement venue hosting a variety of avant-garde events. After all that excitement, you might be in the mood to wind down in a traditional Portabello pub. There are some great options, including the Ladbroke Arms and the Castle.