bars in soho



Though not quite the den of hedonism and immorality that it once was, Soho still emanates an irresistibly naughty vibe. It's the West End where the late-night jazz bar was born, home to the most popular celebrity hangouts and it is the focal point of London's gay village. The main thoroughfares through Soho are Old Compton Street, Firth Street and Dean Street. However, there are also plenty of hip hangouts peppering the whole area between Oxford Street in the North and Leicester Square in the South.

Aqua Spirit is a rare rooftop offering in Soho and slipping through the Japanese restaurant to reach it, gives it a forbidden air. If it is seriously good cocktails you are after, it has to be Bar Termini. It’s run by alchemist Tony Conigliaro who knows how to mix a damn good drink. Cahoots is a kitsch underground-themed cocktail bar and while some have rubbished it as a novelty, it offers something a bit different to other bars in Soho which tend to take themselves a bit seriously. Finally, Soho Grind calls itself the new kid on the block and the coffee to cocktail menu is ideal at any time of the day.