London’s top up-and-coming areas may surprise you!

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Apr 25, 2018

There are over 7,000 bars in London’s 262 different districts. Essentially, you could go to a different bar every day for over 19 years. This, of course, means that (like with most things in life), prioritisation is key. There’s no point in wasting a great outfit on a mediocre night out! Check out our Top 10 list below to find your new favourite haunt.

1. Shoreditch

Alright, so maybe this one’s not so unknown, but Shoreditch deserved a mention. If you’re looking for a cuppa in a cat emporium, craft beer at a bowling alley or a cocktail with a game of ping pong, then Shoreditch is for you. But don’t worry if ping pong isn’t your thing; head to Nightjar for some cocktail masterpieces.


2. Elephant & Castle

Elephant & Castle has had a £3 million makeover. Formerly a student hangout, Elephant & Castle has recently seen an influx of young professionals and with them, a wave of independent businesses. It’s got all the good stuff: yoga, vintage clothes and tiki bars, just to name a few. What more could you ask for?


3. Balham

No longer Clapham’s slightly less cool neighbour, Balham has completely come into its own. Lost & Found is your place for live music and sharing cocktails, while Foxlow’s bottomless Bloody Mary special can soothe even the worst hangover.


4. Brixton

If you love Jamaican or Latin music, then Brixton is the area for you. It has, like Notting Hill and Peckham, become gentrified in recent years, although its buzzing nightlife hasn’t changed. It’s quickly become one of London’s coolest areas to live. Start-ups and fun, independent bars are common, popping up all across the district. Check out Electric Brixton, arguably one of London’s best bars, or head to Cabana, an upcycled cocktail joint that promises to have great Brazilian drinks.


5. Bermondsey

Bermondsey has emerged as the perfect haven for craft beer lovers. But don’t be misled, either. It’s not just for beer connoisseurs; Maltby Street Market has great cocktails and incredible food stalls. Trust us; you’ll want to Instagram everything here!


6. Notting Hill

Sure, Bridget Jones is a little busy these days, but her district has been evolving without her. Notting Hill is one of the swankiest, most bohemian areas of London. Wander past the classic coloured houses and grab a drink at the iconic Electric Diner.


7. Soho

A discussion about London’s nightlife is not complete without mentioning Soho. Although this area isn’t necessarily under the radar, it’s constantly changing. Relax on a rooftop terrace, have a drink at the BYOC (Bring Your Own Cocktail) and head to some experimental cocktail clubs.


8. Peckham

If you’re looking for cheap cocktails, cool rooftop bars and colourful streets, Peckham is the place for you. Hit Four Quarters, a retro arcade games bar, for drinks and some serious Pac-Man time.


9. Bethnal Green

Bethnal Green is a cocktail lover’s heaven, as it’s home to some of those most exciting, experimental cocktail bars in London. Try the London Cocktail Club or Satan’s Whiskers for some mind-blowing concoctions.



10. Dalston

If you’re looking to party hard, Dalston should definitely be on your radar. It’s got everything! You can hang out in some of London’s coolest clubs, or if you’re looking for something a little more relaxed, you can make your way to the Ridley Road Market for some awesome cocktails.


You don’t have time to visit all of London’s 262 different districts, let alone 7,000+ bars. But thanks to us, now you don’t have to! With our Top 10 list of London’s up-and-coming areas at your disposal, staying on top of London’s dynamic nightlife has never been easier or more fun.

Photo by @nobuhotelshoreditch on Instagram

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