Must try: Free Fall cocktail at The Vault

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Feb 12, 2019

Must try: Free Fall cocktail at The Vault
Tucked underneath sister bar, the famous whiskey bar Milroy’s Of Soho, The Vault has recently moved away from this whiskey focus, in a bid to become a name in its own right.

Fair enough, although we’re still mourning the bar’s famous signature Smoking Gun drink, sadly no longer available. A theatrical cocktail which saw a mini bonfire of cherry wood set alight, filling smoke into a martini glass. Followed by corn whisky, Oloroso sherry and early grey for a dry and intense boozy hit.


the vault cocktail


Thankfully, the consequent menus have been just as amazing as ever. Cleverly crafted by head bartender Chris Tanner, who is a pro when it comes to inventive flavours, this menu is full of deliciously intoxicating drinks. Our favourite is the heady Free Fall cocktail, the perfect libation for a broody basement bar vibe. Bringing together two of the nicher categories – mezcal and fino sherry – it’s unusual to see this combo. But the pairing is spot on, with the powerful smokiness balanced nicely with the crispness of the fino and the tropical fruitiness of the apricot and lemon, lastly combined with the earthiness of the Aquavit. A drink with many layers, yet simply presented - eye-catching yellow in a chilled, wafer-thin cocktail glass.

Drinks like this are what cocktail bars are about; to surprise and inspire you with creative flavours. We’re looking forward to seeing what the guys come up with next.

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