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Feb 15, 2019

Scarfes Bar London
The epic Scarfes Bar cocktail menu pays homage to mainstream icons that have shaped UK history since the millennium.

Illustrated and brought to life in a beautiful book, created by the bar’s namesake, British caricaturist Gerald Scarfe. Cocktails include, Silver Spoon (Prince George), High Wasted (Simon Cowell) and Back to Black (Amy Winehouse). Each drink is truly imaginative, successfully achieving the delicate balancing act of Instagrammable showstoppers for the many, but using ingredients and flavours interesting enough to tempt for serious cocktail aficionados too. For similarly playful cocktail menus, also check out London Bars; The Blind Pig and Purl.

Our top of our pick from the long, tempting list has to be the Toot Toot cocktail, a celebration of London Mayor Sadiq Kahn’s 2011 election victory (fun fact, this was the biggest personal votes of ANY politician in UK history). The drink nods to Sadiq’s rich global heritage, incorporating ingredients from across the world; pistachio, almond, cardamom – this coco-coffee treat is a great example of how zero booze doesn’t have to be a sacrifice. Carefully balanced flavours, super smooth and rich, with a luxurious nuttiness. Served in a clay pot and garnished with grated almonds and a toasted pistachio barfi (the mayor’s favourite snack), you’ll have to stop yourself devouring the whole thing in one slurp.

If you’re after something headier, go for the Ziggy Stardust cocktail, this best-seller is an extra zingy take on a gimlet, with a vodka base and crazy-sounding ingredients like zara zebu (a potent type of lime that has no juice), lemongrass, kaffir lime and ‘copper lightning’ electric bitters – stamped with the signature copper thunderbolt and blue rim painted under the bowl of the glass.

It’s safe to say, whether you go for something booze free, sweet or sour, you’re in for a treat at Scarfes Bar. Like the cartoons that accompany them, every cocktail is a little work of art.

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