My heart is in Havana Club’s Tributo 2018, their new rum aged in whisky casks

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Sep 10, 2018

havana club tributo
Get it while it’s smoky! In early March, at the Cigar Habanos Festival in Cuba, the world’s leading rum brand in the super-premium and above category, Havana Club, treated the world to their third installment of the Tributo succession, conveniently named Tributo 2018.

Let us tell you why we’re so excited about this news…

The namesake series is an annual release that pays tribute to different elements of the traditional Cuban rum-making process. Like other rums from this limited-release line, Tributo 2018 aims to hero the role of the cask in the production process by shining a spotlight on the complex flavours that maturation in oak casks can impart. What’s particularly intriguing about this latest expression is that it’s the first ever premium rum to be aged in peated whisky casks, giving it a complex and very unique flavour.

The bottles are presented in ornate white wooden boxes with inlaid gold lettering. Each bottle is individually numbered and personalised with the signature of Asbel Morales, Havana Club’s rum master. It’s bottled at 40% ABV and is available across 21 markets for a RRP of 400€ per 700ml bottle.



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The rum itself has been described as exceptional with a deep, burnished copper colour that’s a pleasure to look at tumbling ’round your glass. The nose has a forward fragrance of Oloroso sherry, toffee and cinnamon with background whiffs of old leather, balsamic, iodine and smoke, which finally give way to stewed apricot, dark raisins, bitter orange and a touch of pipe tobacco. The palate is immediately rich and full before bursting into a complex blend of fruitcake, dark chocolate and winter spices. It finishes dry, long and subtly bitter with hints of smoke, seaweed and iodine imbued by the second maturation in the peated whisky casks.

Want to try it? We bet you do, but you’re going to have to get in quick as the small batch of 2,500 bottles is already in high demand and selling out quick!

Don’t miss your chance to enjoy this taste of Havana ooh na-na!

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