Tanner Smiths

New York City

Hell’s Kitchen

Having shaken off its grittier beginnings in the 1980s, Hell’s Kitchen bars now represent a melting pot for hip straight and gay-friendly nightlife.

Bars in Hell’s Kitchen

As host to some of Manhattan’s largest dance clubs, if you want to party ‘til morning, you can be guaranteed a venue. As a close neighbour to Broadway, the area has over recent years been home to actors and artists, and the bars in Hell’s Kitchen are representative of this fun-loving and on-trend demographic.

For a taste of historic Hell’s Kitchen, make like countless others before you and head to Rudy’s, a 1933 vintage bar whose longevity is thanks to cheap fare and an unpretentious and friendly atmosphere. Plus, free frankfurters! If you like your nights a little wild and your music country, Flaming Saddles is unmissable as an alternative Wild West saloon where cowboy boot clad bartenders dance on the bar. Oh yes, you have found the male version of Coyote Ugly. Reliably tasty food and decent cocktails are a given at Tanner Smiths; we love their Moscow Mules, unashamedly served in copper mugs. And don’t forget the new Sidepiece, a cosy bar attached to the Meatball Shop and a provider of amusingly named cocktails (our personal favourite is ‘Becky with the Good Pear’).
It sure is hot in Hell’s Kitchen.



Photo by Tanner Smith’s