Brandy Library

New York City


In what was once an industry-heavy area of Manhattan (at least up until the 1980s), Tribeca has risen to become one of the most desirable living areas of the city.

Bars in Tribeca

The celebrity concentration levels are high, but locals are likely used to rubbing shoulders with the rich and famous, so remember to keep your cool when Beyoncé and Jay Z enter your bar of choice. There is a wide selection of bars in Tribeca to choose from, ranging from the homely Tribeca Tavern to the classy and bespoke service offered at Ward III.

Try The Odeon, a stalwart bar and restaurant in Tribeca; it opened around the same time people began moving here. If you really want a swanky night out, though, you should try to enter Paul’s Cocktail Lounge at the Roxy Hotel, but try not to be too upset if you don’t make the grade with their doorman. Visit the Brandy Library instead, just a few blocks away. It’s the best library we’ve ever been in, and you don’t get shushed. Prohibition era styled joint Tiny and the Upstairs Bar has a very hip vibe and is easy to spot in its pink townhouse. Cradle a Negroni and huddle around their downstairs fireplace.



Photo by The Brandy Library