Employees Only nyc

New York City

West Village

What can you expect from New York’s West Village? Well, to begin with, there is plenty of art, theatre, boutique stores, cobblestone streets and iconic brownstone townhouses. And then there are the bars: these establishments are quirky, full of characters and know their way around a strong cocktail or two.

West Village’s best bars

Easily one of the best bars in the West Village, Employees Only was one of the first purveyors of ”craft cocktails” in the city. Its original charm certainly hasn’t dimmed: the bartenders don white lab coats ready to serve you classics like a Manhattan or a Negroni.

Everyone loves a New York speakeasy and The Garret fits the bill perfectly. Hidden away above the Five Guys on 7th and Bleeker, you’ll find a laid back, sky lit bar with inventive cocktails like The Missus Wheeler: Four Roses bourbon, banana Gifford, ginger Drambuie and lemon on the rocks. If a more intimate setting is on the cards for your next date night, then Bar Sardine could be just the place for you. It’s as small as the name suggests, but this gastro-pub does a mean cocktail. The menu features three different types of Bloody Mary, along with plenty of other twists on your old favourites- if nothing else, the creative names will give you a chuckle. Check out these spots on your next night out in the West Village!