Q&A with Stephan Hinz bartender and owner of Little Link

    Q&A with Stephan Hinz bartender and owner of Little Link

    We recently spoke to Stephan Hinz, bartender and owner of the brilliant Little Link in Cologne. We found out all about his favourite cocktail, what he thinks makes a great bar and his favourite bar other than Little Link, check out his answers here:

    What is your favourite cocktail from your menu and why?

    It’s hard to pick a favourite, but a really interesting one is the Cinema Cocktail. As the name already says, we wanted to show that there can be more to enjoy than coke or beer while watching a great film. So we created a drink with fresh made popcorn, using it to infuse a bourbon via sous-vide, because both, bourbon and popcorn, are made out of corn. We take this popcorn-bourbon and add lemon, orange and a homemade honey-ginger-syrup. Finally we top up with some ginger ale and hide the drink in a popcorn bag – with some popcorn, of course.

    What in your opinion makes a world-beating bar?

    There are many elements which make a good bar. But one of the essential parts is a good team. A good bar is not just about the bartender, it’s about the waiters, the management, the barbacks and so on. Another important element is a unique concept to create your own identity. In our bar you will find the eponymous ‘Little Link’ in every part of the concept: From the ‘linked table’ where you can relax with friends and strangers to our drinks which connect the kitchen and bar and finally to our menu which is designed as a passport to link different drinking cultures.  

    And which, other than your own, are your favourite bars in the world?

    There are so many good bars all around the world, it’s not possible to pick a few. It depends on the mood, the weather and the day which is the perfect place to be. This answer might be a little bit disappointing, so I will mention one bar, which means something special to me, the bar Immertreu in Berlin. A great place for classic cocktails and sophisticated drinking.  

    Article created on 19/06/2015

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