Six Best Cocktails to Order on a First Date

    Six Best Cocktails to Order on a First Date

    Six Best Cocktails to order on a first date

    First dates are fun, but no doubt they can make you both a bit anxious, too.
    Going to a good cocktail bar is a great idea because mixed drinks have a way of getting you to be a little more social than you might normally tend to be. And that equals more fun!
    But of course, not all cocktails are suitable for a date--especially a first one.

    “First dates are fun but they can make you both a bit anxious...”

    Here's the deal on the best cocktails to order when you want to make a good first impression.

    1. The Negroni
    On a first date, it's best to order something foolproof. Equal parts of Campari, Dry Gin and Italian Vermouth make up the Negroni, and it's synonymous with Dolce Vita. Cocktail King Gary Regan, otherwise known as Gaz, dedicated a whole book to "one of the simplest and most elegant drink formulas around."

    2. Gin and Tonic
    When in doubt, stick to the classics. This refreshing cocktail is minimalist with good reason. Also, if you're concerned with budget, you can be sure it won't be over-the-top-expensive. It's not complicated and won't take too much effort to order. If your date goes for the classic G&T, they're probably a laid-back type of person and you won't have to worry about high maintenance issues!

    3. The Manhattan
    You don't have to pretend to be fancy to wow on a first date, but you should know the basics. Alex Rodriguez of 121 Fulton Street recommends trying the Cinnamon Apple Manhattan, a twist of cinnamon and apple pucker included. It's also an easy cocktail to fix yourself at home, so it's great to show off your friends (or future partners) who've dropped by your place for entertainment.

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    4. A basic or updated Martini
    Mixologist Alex Ramirez suggest that impressing a date can be as simple as ordering something old-fashioned, like a Martini. For a unique twist on this drink, Ramirez invented the Banana Cream Pie Martini, which has a sexy, sophisticated taste, with its mix of Tuaca, Bailey's, Frangelico and banana liquor. "The color is a bit crazy at first, but the taste is incredible" he says. 

    5. The Artist's Muse
    Show off your creative--and sophisticated--side with this aromatical cocktail. The ingredients make for a great conversation piece: Picasso, Absinthe and frothy egg-white.
    Try it at The Dead Rabbit in New York City, a vintage-themed bar named after a notorious gang. Its wood paneled walls and memorabilia are a warm setting for an adventurous yet somehow relaxed evening. 

    6. Your Bartender's recommendation
    Bartenders naturally see a lot of first dates and know what to expect. If you are on good terms with yours, then you can go along with their recommendations and tips. The Fainting Goat Bar in Washington is a reliable place to hang for a fun atmosphere, great food and relaxed staff who know their stuff.

    Remember, the secret to a good and memorable date is a great location. To choose the best bar for your date, pick one that isn't too loud (so you can hear each other), but with enough character so you won't run out of things to talk about. Cocktail bars with knowledgeable bartenders and great service will ease your anxiety so you can focus on the most important matter at hand: enjoying each other. 

    Visit our cocktails section to find more ideas and check our cities map to find the best bar near you for your next date!

    Writer: Nyx Martinez, Travel & Lifestyle writer

    Article created on 23/09/2016

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