NYC's Instagram famous bar is hitting London this year

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Sep 05, 2018

nyc s instagram famous bar
The London drinking scene is set to be shaken up by a New York City bar, famous for serving Instagrammable cocktails in cans....

You should know the drill by now; anything that is hot stuff in NYC gets immediately packed up, re-jigged and sent across the pond to cash-in at the British capital. Well, the latest American import coming to London is a playful cocktail bar in the form of Genuine Liquorette.

The renowned New York bar has a fun, tongue-in-cheek approach to cocktails; punching holes into soda cans and lacing them with booze miniatures to make very photo-worthy novelty drinks, just check out all the #GenuineLiquorette social media posts and you’ll soon get the idea. The cocktails here certainly have the faddy ‘Instagram-me-now’ factor.


The new UK outpost will be located on Rathbone place, near Oxford Street in London. The latest update on the new place was from a statement released by Avro Ko (the company behind Genuine Liquorette NYC). It stated that the London operation will be focused on the craft cocktail experience, which is a bit disappointing because the word ‘craft’ doesn’t really conjure up images of cutesy, tongue-in-cheek soda-can cocktails, rather serious serves for serious drinkers (are we Londoners really too classy for all that stuff?)

But on the bright side, the whole soda can/miniature thing is rather a wasteful concept anyway, and we’re sure, if any of Avro Ko’s previous projects are anything to go by, whatever cocktails they have in store is going to be something pretty interesting…


Photo by @genuineliquorette on Instagram

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