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Mar 05, 2019

gentlement 1919
Head bartender, Kevin Govindin, of Gentlemen 1919 has three words to sum up the Old Fashioned, “Simple, effective, great!”

Indeed, this became the bar’s signature cocktail thanks to the clientele who know a good thing when they taste it and kept asking for this no-nonsense drink. This is the kind of cocktail to take your time over – sip slowly, the base spirit has a touch of bitterness that is balanced by the sugar and the hints of sweet citrus.

The bar offers two versions of this classic cocktail, either with bourbon or whisky, for subtly different spins. Opt to try the bourbon version and you’ll find there are delicate vanilla notes, while the whisky version is drier, and has a lightly peaty aftertaste.

Yes, this was Don Draper’s cocktail of choice and little wonder why. It’s strong and does exactly what it says on the tin. And the vibe of Gentlemen 1919 has a little something of Mad Men in it: discretion, class and elegance. For the full effect then step into the bar’s hidden fumoir where you can enjoy a cigar to accompany your Old Fashioned.

Kevin says that “there’s never a wrong time to drink it”, and who are we to argue?

Gentlemen 1919

To make yourself an Old Fashioned:

  • Place a single sugar cube in the bottom of a low-ball tumbler
  • Shake over Angostura bitters and a splash of club soda, then break up the sugar cube with a muddler
  • Swirl to line the glass
  • Add a large ice cube before pouring the bourbon or whisky over the top
  • Carefully slice orange peel to run around the edge of the glass before scoring it and twisting it into a decoration

And there you have it, a timeless drink. Serve with a glass of water (the Old Fashioned is seriously potent) and you’re good to go!

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