Oriole’s new Trump card cocktail menu

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Feb 12, 2019

Oriole’s new Trump card cocktail menu
Remember Trump Cards? The retro game you used to play back in the school yard, comparing the size, power and strength ratings of the planes/monsters/superheroes featured in your hand.

Well, bet you never played with booze – we sure hope you didn’t at nine years old…

Now you can, because subterranean cocktail bar Oriole has given your childhood pastime a revamp, presenting its new Trump card cocktail menu, similar to big sister bar Nightjar, famous for packaging up its menu into a playing card deck.

The new cards at Oriole come with intricate vintage illustrations, forming a decorative border around each drink from the latest cocktail menu – it’s all very in-keeping with the bar’s elaborate ye olde world theme. But the deck isn’t just for picking out a tasty tipple, you can also pit your hand against your mates, with each cocktail card rated for refreshment, complexity, booziness and how fruity it is. Guess it’s up to you if a high boozy score is a good or bad thing…

You’ll find a mix of classic cocktails in the deck, like the Negroni, the Cosmopolitan and the Moscow Mule, alongside a whole load of very wacky Oriole specials, inspired from across the globe, like the Katmandu Sour, and particularly eye-catching is the Mare Nostrum gin cocktail, served up in a china vessel masquerading as an envelope!

And this inventive cocktail menu is just one of many you’ll find in London, there’s the storybook-style one at Blind Pig to match the bar’s childhood story menu, and the futuristic augmented reality menu from City Social, that springs to life when you hold your phone up to it. All this creative effort just shows that going out for a drink nowadays is far more than just tasting the liquid, but about the whole cocktail package.

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