Perfect Storm from Happiness Forgets

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Feb 12, 2019

Perfect Storm from Happiness Forgets
This long-standing London speakeasy focusses on classic serves from around the early 1900s, but with its own clever twists.

A prime example is their signature Dark & Stormy, with the base of rum, zingy lemon and ginger, but jigged around, in true ‘Happiness’ style. This is one drink that will never leave the menu, and is highly acclaimed by bartenders, critics and locals alike.

  • Start with rich Skipper dark rum
  • Blend with a touch of honey, fresh lemon and ginger juice
  • Finish with a slug of dry plum brandy (La Vieille Prune)

What you get from these ingredients are fresh and fruity flavours, that play perfectly with the tropical notes of the rum, yet keeping it slightly dry with the brandy, and a real fiery kick from the spicy ginger.

Served as a highball, you’re immediately hit with the freshness of the lemon wedge, before you delve into the light, luxurious foam top. It’s all kept beautifully cold with a perfect rectangle of ice, which has been carefully carved out from behind the bar.

It’s clear why this drink such a hit. This is a real all-rounder drink, with the warming spicy ginger making it enjoyably sip-able on a cold winter’s night, and the lightness making it a refreshing tipple on a hot sunny day. Rum cocktails can be rather harsh if not treated carefully, but here they’ve achieved a perfect delicateness, maintaining the unique taste of the spirit, but with the lemon and plum flavours equally pulling through. It is very, very (almost too) easy to drink and is likely to win over both rum aficionados and cocktail novices alike.

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