Pink Gin: Everything’s coming up roses!

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Dec 10, 2018

pink gin
Pink gin is the very latest trend among lovers of fine spirits and cocktails. With their rosy, tempting colours and lush fruit balancing the dry bite of juniper and botanicals, it's no wonder that fans are flocking to this new breed of gin expressions.

One of the earliest adopters was Gordon’s, which brought out a tart, zesty variation on the pink gin theme back in July 2017. Beefeater has been hanging back a little, but now they’ve unveiled their own pink gin: a bright, fruity blend of quality gin with natural strawberry flavours.Not to be confused with the classic Pink Gin cocktail (standard gin with a dash or four of angostura bitters), the current crop of pink gins are distilled spirits flavoured with various red fruits. The gin sector is enjoying a boom right now, attracting younger tipplers. Soaring demand coupled with new interest from millennials is encouraging gin manufacturers to push the envelope and experiment with novel styles.Gordon’s pink gin uses a blend of fruits: sweet strawberries and raspberries, along with a clean, tangy hint of redcurrant. It’s been a great success, encouraging other gin makers to jump on the bandwagon. Rather than rush to market with their own pink expression, however, Beefeater has played it cool – their new pink gin was only announced in February 2018. Master distiller Desmond Payne, MBE worked on the new product for several months to create the perfect pink gin to tickle the palates of today’s demanding drinkers. Speaking to The Drinks Business magazine, Payne remarked, ‘We were determined to get it right. Things move on and are cyclical and we need to be looking at new ideas.’In contrast to the approach taken by Gordon’s, which plumped for a mixed fruit flavour, Beefeater’s pink gin focuses on the taste of ripe strawberries. According to Payne, the flavour of strawberries wouldn’t survive the distillation process, so a natural strawberry flavour is added as a final step after the distillation is complete. The result is a deliciously fruity gin with a delicate pink hue, ideal on its own, with tonic or as an ingredient in your favourite pink gin cocktails.



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