Prosecco House: London’s first prosecco-only bar

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Oct 08, 2018

prosecco house
Oh, prosecco: a drink that truly needs no introduction. It’s the sparkling, Italian wine that has won over the heart of a nation. The UK has fallen in love with the sophistication – and value – of prosecco.

There is simply no better way to feel like you are relaxing in a bar located on a quaint, cobblestone side street of Venice than by sipping on a chilled, bubbly glass of prosecco. Sweeter and cheaper than champagne, prosecco is a sparkling wine adored by all. And now, luckily for us, London’s first bar dedicated solely to this sparkling ambrosia has opened near Tower Bridge.

This exciting new bar is the brain child of former financier Kristina Issa. Fed up with ordering mediocre prosecco, Kristina decided it was high time that the UK experienced the taste and quality of premium Italian prosecco. Considering that we as a nation consumed a third the prosecco produced in the world last year, it’s fair to say that we need to up our game. Issa works with five family-owned vineyards in the Veneto region of Italy, seeking to supply only the very best prosecco for her customers. Her high-quality prosecco is exclusive to Prosecco House and not available anywhere else in London.



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With glasses starting at £7.50 and bottles at £30, this sleek, glass-fronted bar provides real value for your money. In true aperitivo style, drinks will be served alongside a small selection of Italian meats and nibbles. Delicious coffee and focaccia sandwiches are also available throughout the day. If that isn’t enough, don’t worry; there’s more. If you, like Kristina, get a taste for these delicious varieties, her premium prosecco is also available for delivery through Deliveroo and UberEats.

So, if you’re like most of London and the UK, – regardless of whether you’re a new fan or a bona fide prosecco connoisseur – Prosecco House is a must-visit destination for 2018. Whether it’s after-work drinks, a boozy lunchtime or a fun Saturday night, prosecco is always in style.


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