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Mar 05, 2019

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Summer is finally within reach in the city of love which means it’s time to plot out the best bars in Paris for those well-deserved after work drinks and long weekend evenings with friends. Enter Bonhomie with their new seasonal menu full of sunshine flavours which will make you feel like you’ve escaped the city even if your bank account is screeching mocktails rather than cocktails...

Ever true to their Mediterranean roots, Bonhomie follows the seasons and brings us 4 new cocktails to savour through the summer months, all of them special and designed to accompany different moments of the day. Welcome to the Grand Bazaar, an aperitif with oriental notes to start your evening off. If you’re dining on tapas and the bar’s small dishes then you’ll want the Manzanilla. The vibrant Cefalú brings the flavours of hazy beach days and the zingy and refreshing Chios is the kind of cocktail to have ice-cold with friends over a barbecue. We’re sold.

Head barman, Steve Guven, is all about bold and surprising flavours. He’s currently a fan of pairing coffee and rhubarb, so try the Bon Americano, which holds on to its place on the new menu. It’s pretty as punch and packs one too – fruity flavours balanced by Martini bitters, verbena and hints of coffee. Having just returned home from a guest bartending stint in Istanbul, Steve is always on the lookout for new flavour pairings from his travels. He brought back 5 kg of spices from his latest adventure ready to get experimenting. Intrigued? Try the Levantine cocktail which subtly combines gin and Pedro Ximénez sherry with citrusy za’atar.

What can we expect going forward? Collaborations (check out their limited edition drink for the inaugural Festival du Faubourg this month), pairing menus and masterclasses with the people who inspire them as well as spreading the ‘Bonhomie-ness’. Steve always wants to keep the menu simple yet intriguing when planning new cocktails, and tries to dream up drinks which will trigger memories. Well, if you want some escapism then come taste a little sunshine right in the heart of Paris.

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Alhambra cocktail at Bonhomie - summer in a glass

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Alhambra cocktail at Bonhomie - summer in a glass

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