Swing for Monkey Tea Time

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Mar 07, 2019

Swing for Monkey Tea Time
What’s in a name? Well, Monkey Tea Time, one of the signature offerings from Lavomatic really doesn’t give anything away, and to sample it now you’ll have to branch out off of the seasonal menu to try for yourself.

As it turns out, it’s a classic and delicious whisky sour, which never disappoints. So easy to drink, dangerously easy you might say. It appears in champagne coupe glass, with a creamy, frothy top from the shaken egg whites and a simple garnish. The dusting over the cocktail is Tonka bean as it turns out – notes of vanilla, maybe a touch of chocolate – but nothing to detract from the drink itself. The Earl Grey infused syrup at the base of the cocktail is certainly no wall-flower, with those hallmark citrusy and flowery notes bursting straight through from the first sip. The Lavomatic team have twisted a classic sour and brought it to life with a floral flavour profile. It’s a touch saccharine, but if you have a sweet-tooth you’ll snaffle the skewered maraschino cherry decoration too.

If all of that has you ready to try then here’s how to make your very own:

  • Brew your Earl Grey tea and leave it to infuse in cane sugar for 5 days to have your very own base syrup (no one said it would be easy!)
  • Shake equal amounts of lemon juice and your homemade syrup with triple malt Monkey Bay Whisky and a dash of egg whites over ice
  • Repeat all of this sans ice. To use mixology speak this is a reverse dry shake and helps create a beautiful foam
  • Pour the mix into a glass and grate your Tonka bean over the foam. Decorate with a cherry. Voilà!

Simple enough, right? But if shaking up your own seems like a step too far then the Lavomatic bartenders are ready and waiting for you!

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