The best cocktails for every season!

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May 09, 2020

The best cocktails for every season!
As we all know, there are times when only a cocktail will do, but what season it is will make a huge difference.

Do you want a warming winter cocktail or something fruity for summer? Whatever the weather is like outside, read on for our recommendations for the best cocktail for every season.

Best cocktail for spring: Rose Margarita

After the cold and dark of winter, spring is a time of freshness, when the days get brighter, you can start wearing brighter colours and the flowers start to bloom.

So the perfect spring cocktail needs to combine all of these elements. Any bright, fresh drink will do, especially with the addition of a few edible flowers – just a small sprig will make sure your spring…well…springs to life.

Best of all the floral cocktails, however, is the Rose Margarita, bringing together two elements that you wouldn’t think would work together into the perfect drink for March, April or May. Mix two parts tequila with one part each of rose syrup, orange liqueur and lime juice, then garnish with a few rose petals for a drink that is fabulously floral and a little romantic, making up for any dodgy Valentine’s day moments you had in the winter. 

Best cocktail for summer: Pimm’s ice lollies

Apparently, some people mark time with old-fashioned things like clocks and calendars, but we’ve always marked the seasons according to whether it’s appropriate to be drinking Pimm’s outside or not. As soon as the first day of summer comes, most of us are cutting up fruit, putting it in a jug, steeping it in booze and talking about summer topics like whether we’ll have an ‘Indian summer’ in the autumn (we won’t) and whether Andy Murray will win Wimbledon (unlikely).

To make this even more summery, try a Pimm’s ice lolly. First, get that ice lolly maker you once bought on a whim and have never used and clean it thoroughly of all the dust it’s attracted sitting in the back of the cupboard for years. Then, mix one part Pimm’s (or equivalent ‘fruit cup’ drink) with three parts lemonade. Chop up pieces of strawberry and mint leaves and place in your ice lolly mould, then pour over the lemonade and fruit cup mixture. Set in freezer until frozen, then carefully remove from the mould and eat quickly, ideally whilst lounging in a deck chair for optimum enjoyment.

Best cocktail for autumn: Cranberry Spice

For anyone outside of the USA, foods associated with Thanksgiving are a mixed bag. Here in the UK, where 99% of our pumpkins are bread for size for Halloween and, as such, are totally tasteless, it’s almost impossible to understand why everyone goes insane for pumpkin spice flavoured things come November. One thing you definitely have got right, however, is cranberry sauce, especially the sweeter varieties that you prefer to the more bitter UK equivalents. Although we associate cranberries with Christmas, they’re actually the perfect autumn ingredient. After all, they have the fruitiness you associate with summer but with a heartier taste that’s perfect for the winter months, especially when combined with classic year-end flavours like cinnamon.

A particular gem is one of our favourite holiday-inspired cocktails, the Cranberry Spice cocktail recommended on the Food & Wine blog. Their version is one part Lillet Blanc with four parts cider and two parts Aperol, muddled with orange, ginger and cranberry and served over ice. Even better is replacing the Lillet with cranberry infused vodka, and serving it all with a cinnamon stick for that extra fall feeling.

Best cocktail for winter: Mulled berries and cider

Our guide to the best cocktail for every season ends like the year does with winter; a time when the days are getting darker and chillier, and we’re looking for any excuse to warm up our booze, from mulled wine to hot toddies, which we drink to stave off those winter colds (they’re ‘medicinal’). 

While the epitome of a winter cocktail has to be the Snowball, a kitschy 70s cocktail of advocaat (egg liqueur), lemonade and lime cordial, many have a love-hate relationship with this concoction, finding it either disgusting or disgustingly tacky. Or both. But if you can’t be tacky this close to Christmas, when can you be?

And, of course, we can’t forget the classic mulled drink, a combination of mulled cider and the hot berry cordial that they often sell as a non-alcoholic alternative at Christmas markets. Heat a dry cider infused with cinnamon sticks, ginger, oranges, cloves and cardamom pods with sugar to taste, then whizz up your favourite winter berries (blackberries and raspberries work well) and add the puree to your cider. Strain and serve in your favourite tacky Christmas mug.

This is just the tip of the iceberg of perfect seasonal cocktails. Experiment with your favourite flavours according to what’s in season at given times. Think rhubarb gins in the spring, pear ciders in the winter, and strawberries with everything in summer. Try your favourite themed cocktails for Christmas, Valentine’s day, and maybe even invent a chocolate cocktail for Easter. Because why would you want to mark the time with anything else but cocktails?

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