The bottle of victory

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Apr 17, 2020

The bottle of victory
You may have noticed that in major sporting events, the champagne spurting out of the bottles on the first steps of the podium is not just any champagne. It’s always Mumm.

The “splash” started as a slip-up when, in 1966, Swiss formula one driver Jo Siffert won the Index of Performance of the 24 Hours of Le Mans. He was given a bottle of Mumm to toast his victory on the podium, but the bottle had been sitting in the sun too long, and the overexcited champion shook it left, right, and center. The cork didn’t resist and popped off… and a geyser of champagne drenched the crowd. But instead of getting upset, the people rejoiced! The following year, American champion Dan Gurney reproduced the scene that soon became a tradition, just like breaking a bottle of champagne on a ship’s hull for good luck when it’s sent to sea for the first time.

And this is how, over the years, Mumm ended up taking part in every major victory, from regattas to race tracks.

Wherever people outdo themselves

But Mumm’s history of collaborating with extraordinary achievers actually dates much further back – all the way to 1904. During the first French expedition to Antarctica, Commander Jean-Baptiste Charcot and his cartographer Raymond Rallier casually sat down on the ice, gloves off and all, and enjoyed a bottle of Cordon Rouge Mumm to celebrate the French July 14th national holiday, in a moment that will remain forever immortalized.

Years later, star explorer Mike Horn, who goes around the globe trekking, sailing and climbing from the Gobi Desert to the North Pole and from Peru to the Himalayas, made the tradition his own, never forgetting to enjoy a glass of Mumm after successfully ending one of his perilous journeys.

And after the initial champagne “splash” that’s been repeated at every Formula One Grand Prix for over half a century, Mumm continued developing close partnerships on the sports front, with legendary sailing competitions like the America’s Cup and the Admiral’s Cup and famous horse races such as the Melbourne Cup. In 2016, the Maison appointed superstar athlete Usain Bolt as its CEO. Yes, as in Chief Entertainment Officer. Two years later, he embarked on a zero gravity flight with the support of the European Space Agency to pop the first bottle of Grand Cordon Stellar, the first-ever champagne bottle designed for space travel.

This goes to show that for Mumm and all its modern-day heroes, the sky has never been the limit.

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