The French 75 by Three Sheets

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Feb 12, 2019

The French 75 by Three Sheets
London bartenders Max and Noel Venning are leading the way in the trend for pre-batched and bottled cocktails. Their signature French 75 is a great example of how they’re doing this in their industry-renowned Dalston bar, Three Sheets.

The brother co-owners have taken this classic World War I cocktail, the French 75, and put their own Three Sheets stamp on it. This version is actually fairly different to the original, although the base ingredients are similar.

Lemon juice, gin and bubbles are all still there, but instead of the classic addition of Champagne, the Three Sheets guys use Dry Moscato, along with sugar syrup, Minus 8 Verjus, orange flower water (plus some extra water). The fizz is made in-house.

  • First off the ingredients are all mixed together. When this happens, the clear liquid separates from the sediments from the lemon juice, thanks to the pectin in the verjus.

(If you want the geeky details, this clarification needs to happen because otherwise, the bitty stuff from the lemon will make the drink get way too foamy when the bottle is carbonated in the next step of the process).

  • Once all the extra lemony bits are strained out, the mixture is then chilled to fridge temperature and the mixture is carbonated with a beer keg.
  • It’s then rehoused in a wine bottle and christened with a Three Sheets French 75 label.

You can order the whole bottle, or just get a glass, which is poured right at your table. The result is an extremely easy-to-drink fizz. It’s slightly floral on the nose and tastes sweet and zesty with a subtle hint of the orange and a slightly bitter edge. Great if you fancy a glass of bubbles, but don’t like it dry.

A great touch is the wafer-thin glass the drink is served in, a subtlety which brings a real delicacy to the drink. All in all this is a simple, yet clever cocktail that should appeal to almost everyone. If you’re visiting Three Sheets, their signature serve is a must – but then so is almost everything else on the menu.

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