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Mar 08, 2019

the gibson
If you’re planning a trip to The Gibson, it goes without saying: you need to try their namesake martini cocktail.

If you’re not familiar, The Gibson is the Martini’s savoury sister, equally as boozy with gin and dry vermouth, a spritz of lemon zest and swapping the classic olive for a pickled onion. The Gibson bar’s menu pays homage to Charles Dana Gibson – said to be the man the drink is named after, who favoured ordering martinis in this, then quirky, way. However, there are other possible, rather amusing, theories on how the drink came about, one including a teetotal banker called Gibson who asked for a martini glass filled with water and a pickled onion at parties so he could pick it out amongst the authentic alcoholic options.

True to its theatrical Edwardian style, the drink here comes served in a vintage silver martini glass, with a hefty onion sunk at the bottom of the cocktail. That’s along with a side of thinly sliced Parmesan and another huge onion on the side – this cocktail requires a lot of table space.

The sharp, salty nibbles pair perfectly with the cooling, boozy Tanqueray London Dry gin, Mancino Secco vermouth, and The Gibson bar extra twist – pickling spice. It slips down all too easily, considering the heavy alcohol content.

As you probably guessed, if you like your drinks sweet, you won’t be a huge fan as this drink as it’s very much on the savoury side, and it only gets more intensely pickle-flavoured as it sinks down. But for martini fans, it’s a real treat to have a taste of this world-renowned classic cocktail done expertly well, in the place that’s quickly become famous for it.

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