The Lambanog Mule at Oriole

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Feb 12, 2019

Lambanog Mule
If you want your poison straight laced, go grab a vodka and Coke at your local. But if you’re up for a boozy adventure - get yourself to Oriole bar.

Like its big sister NightJar, the serves at Oriole are characteristically wacky, all with a strong Olde Worlde theme, with each drink inspired by a different country and time. Whatever you order, expect outrageous, crazy packaging, most likely overflowing with a bounty of exotic edible garnishes.

One key example of this craziness is the Lambanog Mule – one of the hugely popular serves from the new Oriole cocktail menu. Without a doubt, it’s one of the memorable cocktails we’ve ever supped, served in a leather drawstring sack, garnished with a small juicy pineapple log, and a generous sprig of fragrant mint.

Inside is a spicy tropical boozy mix, with sweet pineapple notes. However, you’re very quickly hit with a very distinct, rich taste of dry curry, with strong cumin flavours and a hot spice that lingers on the tongue. However, it all kind of works together, with the heat complementing the sweet fruitiness of the juices, although the curry flavour all seem at odds, when sipped in thin liquid form.

But like it or loathe it, you can’t argue that this cocktail, inspired by Lucena in the Philippines, certainly whisks you to another time and place. Probably a trip these taste buds will only be doing once, but it was an interesting little trip while it lasted.

Like all the cocktails at Oriole, this drink is memorable through and through. From its show-stopping arrival at your table (cue an Instagram frenzy), to the rich, spicy after-notes left lingering on your tongue, well after the empty leather bag has been whisked away – please, someone pass me a mint: curry breath!

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