The NOLA Bar: London’s little piece of the Big Easy

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Dec 10, 2018

The NOLA Bar
If your budget won't quite stretch to Mardi Gras in New Orleans, London's Roman Road has the next best thing: the NOLA Bar, a New Orleans-themed locale. With lashings of Big Easy ambience and a delicious food and drinks menu infused with Louisiana spirit, the NOLA Bar will soothe your wanderlust.

Taking its name from the abbreviation for New Orleans, Louisiana, the NOLA Bar was formerly located above the Bedroom Bar in Shoreditch. This popular late-night watering hole now has a brand-new London address, complete with much more room to spread out. Creating the new incarnation of the NOLA Bar has taken over six months as the management has paid meticulous attention to every detail of the décor. Ceiling fans turn lazily overhead. Mardi Gras beads sparkle along the walls. Mellow candlelight flickers against warm red brickwork and vintage wooden panelling. The bar could have been picked up from Frenchman Street and placed on Roman Road.



Cuisine is a key part of New Orleans culture, and the food on offer at the NOLA Bar doesn’t disappoint. Heavy on the Creole and Cajun influences, the menu is the work of noted chef ‘Dom’ Dominique. The dishes include all the spices and rich flavours you’d expect, prepared and presented with an eye to modern dining trends. The cocktail menu is similarly lavish and full of authentic New Orleans flavours, just as you’d expect given the expert input of native NOLA barkeepers. Drinks on offer include: the Hurricane, La Louisiane and the celebrated Sazerac Cocktail, which is said to be the oldest cocktail in the United States. One proud boast of the NOLA Bar is that they’re the first bar outside North America to be granted the Seal of the Sazerac, a coveted award from the New Orleans Culinary and Cultural Preservation Society. For those who don’t want to be blown away by a Hurricane, there’s a selection of alcohol-free concoctions on offer, too.

The atmosphere is laid-back and casual with gentle lighting and traditional jazz and blues music gently easing the eclectic patrons into a New Orleans mood. It’s the ideal place to end a night out in style.


Photo by NOLA

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