The NoMad Bar’s Detox Retox, a fresh spin on the Old Fashioned

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Feb 25, 2019

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After tasting a cocktail in Miami made primarily of fresh coconut juice, the NoMad’s bar director Leo Robitschek and bar manager Nathan O'Neill were inspired to put a twist on the classic Old Fashioned.

“We started to think about the way that Old Fashioneds have been looked at in New York over the past few years – the way that they’re built, the way that temperature is controlled and how dilution happens in them,” O’Neill. From there, a new drink was created. Think: a spirit-forward tiki drink.

The Detox Retox ($18) pairs Chivas Regal scotch with coconut water, pineapple rum and cachaça. The drink is served warm with a single cube of ice. As the drink dilutes, the cocktail becomes more spirit forward and the aroma of the scotch and pineapple develops further, making the flavour bolder the longer the drink sits. “We wanted to look at the way that dilution effects cocktails,” O’Neill says, “And whether you can actually serve a drink, let it dilute itself and see how the properties in the whisky change and alter.”

The Nomad

Turns out, you can! The Detox Retox, which has been on The NoMad Bar’s menu since 2017, is a popular order any time of day. It’s the fastest drink to build behind the bar, and within a matter of minutes, you can taste the flavour profile differences and developments. The first and last sips will be totally different during the cocktail’s evolution.

“It’s a good introductory drink for people who never go down the road of spirit-forward drinks,” O’Neill says. “The taste is very distinct and very clean, so it works for everyone.”

One secret to the Detox Retox’s pure flavours: Harmless Harvest coconut water, which O’Neill jokes is the most expensive coconut water on the market. Made with red Thai coconuts, Late Harvest is free of preservatives, allowing a true coconut flavour to shine in the attractively pink-hued cocktail water, and making it the perfect, if unexpected, juice to mix in a tropical-themed Old Fashioned.

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