The Punch Room’s famous Milk Punch cocktail

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Feb 12, 2019

The Punch Room’s famous Milk Punch cocktail
True to its name, boozy punches are the headliner at this secret hotel bar. Of the long selection (30 on the list!), it’s vital you first try the bar’s renowned cocktail, the ‘English Milk Punch’ before you dive into anything else.

Think ‘grown-up Piña Colada’ – there’s that familiar creamy-pineapple taste, but with a more complex blend of spirits and spices. The ‘wow’ point though is the clever milk clarification process used (a classic 18th-century method used for big-batch punches), which creates a completely clear, light liquid, that mind blowingly retains the rich indulgent flavour of the full-fat milk.

Punch Room bartender Simone De Luca explains this magic is done by macerating the spirits – Havana 3 Rum, Batavia Arrack Van Oosten, Somerset cider brandy – together with spices like cloves, star anise, orris and pineapple for few hours. Hot milk is then added with lemon juice to help it all curdle. The liquid is then strained through coffee filters, leaving the chunky curdle behind (phew!) and letting the flavoured booze run until it is clear.

This transparent, tropical deliciousness is served up in The Punch Room’s characteristic chunky low-ball glass and garnished with a purple bean blossom flower and pineapple leaf ‘origami’.

Expertly made, super tasty and beautifully presented, The Punch Room Milk Punch has to be one of our top classic cocktails in London – made even more impressive knowing all the effort and complexity that’s behind it all.

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