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Feb 21, 2019

the ultimate guide to
Listening to your favourite artist is great. Drinking a cocktail is also great. If only the two things could be brought together...

Luckily, we’ve done a lot of thorough research (i.e. we’ve drunk a lot while listening to Spotify), to give you the definitive guide to what music matches what cocktail. Even better, this guide is all about creating these curated confections the next time you want to pair your favourite albums with alcohol.

Beyoncé: watermelon martini or Bee’s Knees

Beyoncé is a true force of nature, so much so that her essence couldn’t possibly be contained in one drink. Although Ms. Carter is more known for drinking water-and-cayenne-pepper dieting drinks, you can stick to alcohol and take your choice of two cocktails when listening to Queen Bey.

The first is a watermelon martini, a music themed cocktail inspired by the ‘Drunk in Love’ line: ‘it’s feeling like all of my entire life I’ve been drinking watermelon’. The real meaning of ‘watermelon’ there is very rude, so if you’re going to look it up, do it in an incognito browser. Slightly less explicit (but still explicitly delicious) is the watermelon martini, combining one cup of watermelon juice, half a cup of vodka, the juice of one lime, a quarter cup of sugar syrup and a few ice cubes. It’s a very refreshing way to get drunk… in love.

If you want something a little less fruity, give the Prohibition-era cocktail, the Bee’s Knees, a go (only if you rename it the Bey’s Knees first, though!). Originally made with gin, you can also try it with a honey-flavoured sprit like Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Honey or Absolut Honey. Whichever you choose, mix one shot of your spirit with half a shot of orange and lemon juice respectively before adding two teaspoons of honey for a sweet treat everyone in the Beyhive with enjoy.

Radiohead: Negroni

Radiohead is not for everyone. People who love the band really love them, and they’ll tell you about every reason why they do, at length, if they manage to corner you at a cocktail party. For most people, however, the band remains a mystery. They’re too weird, too experimental and have too many songs about robots crying or whatever OK Computer actually is.

How do you sum up that love-hate divide in one music-themed cocktail? With a Negroni, a drink that some people are absolutely obsessed with, but that most people find way too bitter to be enjoyable. A classic Negroni is an equal mix of Campari, dry gin and vermouth, served with an orange wedge.

Although delicious at any time, the Negroni is also one of our six best cocktails to order on a first date, especially if you’re meeting a fellow Radiohead head who will listen to your argument about how underrated Hail to the Thief is and actually care. If you’re the kind of Radiohead fan that just likes ‘Creep’, try the slightly sweeter Negroni Sbagliato, which replaces the gin with prosecco.



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Prince: Purple Haze

Any drink dedicated to the legendary Prince must be three things: very sexy, very weird and, of course, very purple. It should also not be a Purple Rain which, although named after him, is better left at the bad chain bars who serve this weird mix of cherry vodka, lemonade and either blue Curaçao or, if the bar is particularly gross, blue alcopop.

Although it is named after a Jimi Hendrix song, the Purple Haze is the perfect cocktail match to the music of Prince. Mix one and a half shots of vodka with half a shot of Chambord and two shots of cranberry juice. Serve over ice. If you really want to party like it’s 1999, top your tipple with a splash of absinthe and drink it at your favourite dive bar.

Ed Sheeran: a flat pint of Guinness that’s been left out on the side for a few hours



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A flat pint of Guinness – preferably one that’s been poured in a crappy bar and left somewhere unnoticed for a few hours – is the exact drink equivalent of Sheeran’s huge hit ‘Galway Gal’. It’s technically Irish, but if you served it to an actual Irish person, they’d have good reason to be very offended. It’s a little stale, all the taste has been taken out, and it’s been served to you by someone with a lot of dodgy tattoos.

Just like you should never drink a Guinness that hasn’t been poured properly, never expect an Irish song to be performed by a non-Irish person. Never settle for anything less than a Van Morrison, Sinead O’Connor or even an early-period U2.

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