There's something about Mary

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Sep 10, 2020

There's something about Mary
An elegant newcomer to the low-ABV trend, Mary is a low alcohol, low calorie botanical blend “with a lighter touch on your body, mind and the world”.

Mary is a deliciously fresh botanical blend that’s like summer in a bottle. Dry and sophisticated, its singular flavor is the result of blending ingredients that are surprisingly simple. 

And that’s exactly part of the appeal: Mary’s recipe isn’t based on rare plants from faraway lands with complicated extraction methods and huge carbon footprints. Instead, it relies on easily sourced herbs and botanicals from close to home (that would be England), grown in a sustainable way. Think good old garden herbs like basil, sage and thyme, blended with botanicals and just a hint of alcohol to intensify all of the aromas and flavor profiles. 

The result? A refreshing low-ABV spirit containing six times less alcohol than gin with no added sugar, no artificial flavors or sweeteners, no carbs or gluten and only 9 calories per 25 ml serving. As good to the planet as it is to our bodies, it is made using only sustainably sourced ingredients and is completely vegan and free of GMOs

So we’ve got the “lighter touch on your body (…) and the world” covered, but what about the “mind”part? Well, Mary was born from the observation that there is just so much pressure coming at us from every direction these days. Between maintaining a work-family balance, working out and staying healthy, and still making time for an exciting social life, we’re bound to feel exhausted at some point. It doesn’t help when in our downtime, we sometimes also end up being pressured into having a full-strength drink when we don’t even feel like it. We’ve all been there. Mary’s purpose is to make things a bit easier, taking some of that pressure off. And to show that it can be done without sacrificing any of the pleasure. 

We’ll drink to that!

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