Top 10 board game bars in London

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Apr 25, 2018

There’s nothing quite like sitting somewhere cosy on a rainy winter's day and settling down to one of your favourite board games. What’s slightly better, however, is if you have someone periodically checking in and bringing you food and booze. With that in mind, we thought we’d put together a list of the top ten board game bars in London that are perfect to pour your rainy day funds into. Check ’em out!

 1. Draughts, Hackney

With over 500 games to choose from, you’re more than spoilt for choice at Draughts. There’s a £5 entry fee, which allows you unlimited access to their vast library of games as well as the help of a ‘game guru’ if you get stuck on what to play or need a little help with the rules. The bar serves a mix of craft beer, ale, cider, wine and simple food.



2. Scenario, Stoke Newington

What’s better than a board game-themed bar? A board game-themed cocktail bar of course! The downstairs area of Scenario has an impressive collection of over 100 different board games and an even more impressive drinks list, which uses all our favourite old school games as inspiration for their nostalgic concoctions.



3. The Library Pot, Richmond

A paltry £5 entry fee allows you to choose from the 300+ games on offer at The Library Pot. Stay for as long as you like and refuel on tea, booze or food as and when you feel like it; you’re welcome to book at any time of the day or night, with no time constraints on your table.



4. The Book Club, Shoreditch

Better known for their brunches, DJ nights and ping pong battles, The Book Club has finally decided to throw its gaming hat in the ring with a dedicated board game day, hosted every second Sunday from November onwards. Woohoo!



5. Secret Weapon, Stratford

Scenario’s little East End sister, Secret Weapon, is a traditional pub by day and a low-key gaming space by night. Find yourself a table in this intimate corner of London and settle in for a night of semi-serious fun!



6. The Candid Café, Angel

A cute little boho space that’s part of the Candid Arts Centre, a charity gallery that aims to help recently graduated artists and designers. Full of theatrical charm (but reportedly average food), you can happily while away an afternoon here with a pot of tea and game – or two – of Scrabble.



7. Scooter Café, Waterloo

Retro, vaguely Italian and off-the-wall kitsch are three ways you could describe Scooter Café, but nothing will ever be able to quite encompass the eclectic ambience of this south-of-the-river gem. The space is bright and fun but also relaxed, making it the perfect venue for some wholesome board-gaming action.



8. The Crown And Two Chairmen, Soho

This venue is a breath of fresh air compared with the usual frenetic buzz of other Soho establishments. Come here on a Sunday for a top notch roast, a bottle of hearty red and a heated game of Monopoly.



9. Westow House, Crystal Palace

This traditional pub has vintage vibes aplenty, with comfy Chesterfields, great craft beer and a plethora of fun games to keep you entertained for days on end.



10. Drink Shop Do, Kings Cross

An all-day cafe-cum-design store that opens late and hosts craft classes in Kings Cross? Can this magical unicorn of a venue truly be real? Yes, it can. It can also serve up damned fine cocktails and entertain you with a whole host of enticing board games that are stashed behind the bar – one need only ask.


So next time the wind starts blowing and the heavens open to release a classically London-like drizzle, you’ll know just where to go with a couple of mates for an afternoon (or evening) of good clean fun… and booze.

Photo by @Westowhouse on Instagram

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