Top tips for storing your alcohol

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May 04, 2020

Top tips for storing your alcohol
Whether you’re an amateur mixologist with a catalogue of spirits to care for or a wine aficionado who runs out of steam after a glass or two, learning to store your favourite tipple is an essential part of adulting.

A bottle gone bad is not just a disappointment, it’s a waste of money and alcohol that would make your college self shudder. Follow our tips for storing your alcohol and ensure your Chablis stays classy.

  • Wine

  • From Chardonnay to Merlot to Grenache, once opened, the wines of the world like to be re-corked and stored in the fridge to avoid losing their flavour. Alas, the life of an open bottle is a short one. Experts recommend drinking within two to three days.
    Open fortified wines like port and vermouth are also friends of the fridge which is good news for chilled Martini drinkers everywhere.
    If you are restrained enough to have a full wine rack, ensure your bottles are stored on the side so that the cork stays moist.

  • Fizz

  • In contrast to their still friends, bottles of fizz like to be stored upright. Contrary to the rumours, the tea spoon trick will not fend off flatness. Invest in a specialist Champagne stopper instead!

  • Beer

  • Even the most low maintenance alcohols, need some TLC once in a while. Give some to your beer by always storing it upright. This allows the yeast to settle to the bottom, giving you a brew which is consistent to the last sip. Once opened, beer is best enjoyed in one sitting.

  • Something stronger

    Due to their high alcohol content, spirits can be stored in the fridge or at room temperature whether open or sealed. There isn’t any evidence to suggest refrigeration helps them last longer, but we’d always advocate a chilled Tom Collins over a lukewarm one.
    Corked liquors should always be stored upright. Storing sideways would eventually disintegrate the cork, spoiling flavours of the bottle which, for aged single malt would mean disaster.

So there you have it, fool-proof tips for appropriate alcohol storage. Feel free to reorganise your bar carts/cellars/cupboards at will.

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