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Jun 28, 2021

Tracks on the rocks Brazil Worlds best bars
Welcome to Tracks On The Rocks, a tribute to a few of our all-time favorite things: travel, music and drinks.…

Welcome to Tracks On The Rocks, a tribute to a few of our all-time favorite things: travel, music and drinks.

The premise is simple: discovering each country through three essential tunes and drinks.

For this first edition, pack your swimsuits: we’re taking you to the sandy beaches of Brazil.

Let’s go!

Caipirinha – Chico Buarque: Essa Moça Tá Diferente

First stop: Copacabana. A classic for a classic, we see no better pairing to the timeless Caipirinha than the mellow tunes of the great Chico Buarque.

Add one lime cut into 8 or 9 pieces and 2 teaspoons of brown sugar to a rocks glass. Muddle to release the juices and essential oils from the lime. Be careful not to go too hard or your drink will be bitter! Top up with crushed ice, add 1 2/3 oz cachaça and stir.

Batida de Coco – Heavy Baile feat. Goes: Ciranda

A favorite at beach parties and during Carnaval, this creamy coconut treat packs a mighty punch. Side effects include keeping you dancing to baile funk until the early hours.

For 4 servings, start by filling a pitcher with ice, and set aside. Add 1 13.5oz can of coconut milk, 1 14oz can of sweet condensed milk, 1 cup of coconut water, and 1 cup of cachaça to a blender. White rum or vodka also work! Blend until frothy, pour into the iced pitcher, and sprinkle a little toasted coconut on top. Serve in rocks glasses rimmed with toasted coconut — cocktail umbrella optional.

Brazilian Cosmopolitan – Anitta: Girl from Rio

Sweet and strong, just like Brazil’s most beloved international superstar, Anitta. Perfect to sip on while watching the sun set behind the Dois Irmãos.

Combine 1 1/2 oz cachaça, 1/2 oz. lime juice, 1/2 oz. triple sec and 1 1/2 oz. cranberry juice in a cocktail shaker with ice. Shake well until cold and strain into a chilled martini glass. Garnish with a lime twist.

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