Upcycle your fancy liquor bottles with these easy DIY hacks

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May 31, 2022

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Don’t know what to do with your growing stock of empty glass bottles? Don't throw them away just yet, you…

Don’t know what to do with your growing stock of empty glass bottles? Don’t throw them away just yet, you can easily give them a second life!

With a few quick and easy DIY hacks, you can turn your wine and spirit bottles into beautiful upcycled home decor items.

Soap dispensers

For this simple DIY item, all you need is an elegant empty bottle that’s not too tall, your favorite liquid hand soap, and a dispenser top.


Assemble a few bottles of different shapes and sizes. Remove their labels with a mixture of warm water and dish soap. Keep the bottles as they are, or spray paint them in your color(s) of choice. Stick tall wax candles in their openings, and voilà! A romantic candle setup for your fireplace or dinner table.

Tiki torches

On top of being real eye-catchers, these DIY torches are so easy to make. All you’ll be needing is wicks, copper couplings, Teflon tape and torch oil. Fill the bottom of your bottles with gravel or glass beads to stabilize them. Next, pour in the oil. Assemble the torch wicks and copper couplings — because the wide part of the coupling is usually smaller than the bottle opening, wrap this section with Teflon thread seal tape to increase its thickness until it is snug with the bottle opening. Place the wicks inside the bottles and press down firmly on the coupling to create a tight seal at the opening. Be sure that about 1/4 inch of wick extends past the tip of the coupling.

Party lights

All you need for this one is a few packs of LED bottle lights, which are special fairy lights designed for filling bottles or vases, with the battery cases conveniently designed as a cork that will fit into the mouths of your bottles.

Flower vases

With just a little paint, some tape, and a good dose of imagination, you can create lovely flower vases in a multitude of colors and designs and spread them out around your house or office.

Did these get you inspired? Let your creativity run wild, the possibilities are literally endless!

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