5 Must-Have Accessories For Your Own Whisky Bar at Home

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Jan 04, 2021

WFH – 5 must-have accessories for your own 'Whisky From Home' bar
We’ve all heard of WFH - work from home - but have you heard of “Whisky From Home”? Living, working…

We’ve all heard of WFH – work from home – but have you heard of “Whisky From Home”? Living, working and playing from home doesn’t have to be a drag. Kick back with a glass of whisky after a long day of work, but don’t do it with just any whisky: pick a classic single malt from your home bar, one with a long and smooth finish.

Whether you’re enjoying alone or with friends, here are 5 essential whisky accessories to build a killer home whisky bar.

Whisky glasses and coaster

Choose to enjoy your favorite dram the way you want it. It doesn’t matter if you have a Glencairn whisky glass or not, the 3 main ones you’ll need are a stemmed glass, highball glass, and rocks glass. Choose one that fits the occasion and matches the personality of the bold whisky that will be poured into it – then rest it on a monogrammed coaster of your choice. Now that’s a must have whisky accessory.

Whisky stones

If you’re enjoying a Single Malt like The Glenlivet’s 15 year old and like it neat and chilled, swap the usual ice cubes with stones made from odorless, non-porous soapstone, which will keep your 15 chilled longer. Whisky stones made of stainless steel are good alternatives as well. Like your Whisky on the rocks? Then get an ice-mould that creates a single, large ice cube or globe. It will fit perfectly in a rocks whisky glass and will melt at a glacial rate, so you don’t water down your Scotch.

Cocktail shaker

If you’re just starting out, you can invest in a Cobbler Shaker, a set that consists three accessories: A main container, a built-in strainer, and a cap perfect for making individual cocktails. When you’re feeling more confident about your cocktail-making skills, and want to make your own whisky cocktails for more than one person, look for a Boston Shaker, consisting of a glass and a main container. Then eventually, you can raise the style ante by investing in a Parisian Shaker, which is similar to the Boston shaker but is all-metal and lets you create yours and your friends’ favorite whisky cocktails with a whole lot of flair. Whatever shaker you pick, the chrome finish will always look great beside your whisky collection.

Bar Cart

Great whisky needs to be seen and be accessible, that’s why investing in a bar cart to display the favorites you’ve invested in is necessary when WFH-ing. Pick a bar cart that’s the right size for your space, and one with top and bottom shelves. Mix your everyday whiskies with your special occassion ones and put them on the top shelf. The bottom shelf can hold your whisky accessories such as shakers, glasses, ice bucket, or even a cocktail recipe book or two. Now you’re ready to take your whisky drinking experience anywhere in the house!

Cocktail recipe book

Whisky cocktails are all the rage right now, and whisky cocktail recipe books are great accessories that will save you hours of scrolling through websites, trying to figure out how to make a Whisky Sour with a Founder’s Reserve from The Glenlivet (which, incidentally, is a great choice for making cocktails because of it’s clean and fruity nose and finish). Even better, it makes for a nice conversation piece when you have friends over!

For whisky cocktail ideas that will surely quench your thirst, check out Dive Into Refreshing Whisky Cocktails to Beat the Heat

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