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Mar 08, 2019

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The Bar Termini gang were knocking out the Negroni long before it became a mainstream London menu staple. So if you’re hankering after this Italian cocktail, then head straight to this Soho bar for one of the best in town.

Owned by cocktail maestro Tony Conigliaro, the Negronis are all pre-batched at the bartender’s infamous London cocktail lab, Drinks Factory. Starting out with the aged ‘Classico Negroni’, a traditional recipe made from London dry gin, Italian vermouth and bitters. It’s gone down such a treat with the London cocktail crowd, that the Tony and his team soon got working on more. Now there are four more seriously killer versions on the menu at Bar Termini: Superiore (pink peppercorns), Rosato (rose), Robusto (further aged) and Blanco (white).

Negroni fans will be paralysed by choice, so we recommend kicking off with the Classico, using this as your Negroni benchmark as you venture into the slightly more experimental flavours.

A key characteristic of Tony Conigliaro cocktails is seriously stunning glassware (for example ‘violin’ at his Dalston outpost, Untitled Bar, which is served in a glass resembling the instrument). The Bar Termini Negronis are no exception to this rule, served in a teeny bespoke cocktail glass, with a slight hint of red that glints in the light. Usually slung into a sturdy lowball glass with a hunk of ice, it seems so much more apt to serve the world’s booziest drink in a respectably sized mini portion instead.

Poured at your table from an equally stunning art-deco-style bottle, it’s now time to take the tiny glass to your lips. The classico Negroni is the drier of the selection, but balanced just right with the sweet, fresh, citrusy notes. Beautifully heady, with no ice to dilute the intense booziness. The drink not only scores high for looks and taste, but it rings in at an equally delicious £7 – the perfect aperitivo.

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